Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Soap & Glory | Kick Ass Concealer in Light

Hey Lovelies ,

So I've got a review on another concealer today!

I really do hate my under eye circles so when ever I see a concealer which seems like it could potentially hide them, that's it, it's coming home with me for a thorough testing!

So, this little kit is a 3 piece camouflaging kit which includes a peachy under eye brightening concealer, a very yellow concealer and a transparent setting powder. The little compact is really handy for travelling, I just chuck it in my bag, and I love that it has a little mirror in the lid too.

How did it perform? Well, my under eye circles are really blue so this peachy concealer does cover them up really well, the colour match is nearly perfect for me. It does have a lovely creamy consistency, a little lighter than the Bobbi brown concealer I'd say but it just doesn't have the staying power unfortunately, even when paired with the setting powder . I've already hit pan with this concealer and I've only had it for a month, maybe not even that so I am a little disappointed. I got my Bobbi brown corrector for Christmas which I really love but the colour match is not as great as this so if I could get the Bobbi brown concealer in a close shade to this it would be just perfect!

Would I repurchase? This is really tricky! I do really love it but you do have to reapply through out the day and you hit pan so quickly that it makes it expensive overall! So for now I'll stick with my Bobbi brown corrector :)

What's your favourite concealer? 


  1. I've never used concealers before but I've recently been given Soap & Glory's 'Trick or Treatment' so I'm looking forward to trying it out. Such a shame that you had to reapply this product throughout the day, I hate that.

    Fiona @ www.labelledsm.blogspot.ie

    1. I did have a look at that, would love to know how you get on! xx

  2. I love this product- the 2 tone colours allows me to cover up after I've put on bronzer. Got to agree with you about it's staying power, which is a shame because the shades are perfect for me.
    Phoebe x

  3. I nearly bought this but I am glad I didn't bother now. If it lasted all day it would be so much better!x


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