Saturday, 12 January 2013

Aveeno Skin Relief Moistursing Lotion Review & Pictures

Hey Girls,

I've got another little review for you on a new body lotion I've been using. You may know already that I love my Body Shop aloe vera body butter but that does leave a sort of residue on your skin and if I have a shower before bed I'm not a massive fan of that feeling. That is where this lotion comes in!

I've never tried any Aveeno products before but i spotted this on a recent Boots binge and loved the description. 'Moisturising lotion with naturally active triple oat complex for extra dry, irritable and sensitive skin. Immediately relives and moisturises the skin for 24 hours.' I do try to moisturise twice everyday but it hard to remember all the time and sometimes i just cant be bothered! When i read that this moisturises for 24 hours i didn't really believe it if I'm honest but it really does! I apply this after my shower in the evening and it really does soften and hydrate your skin immediately even in the morning it doesn't feel like i really need to moisturise again which is a bonus!

It's quite a thick lotion but it sinks in right away and doesn't leave a residue at all unlike the body butters. My skin feels moisturised but mattified if you know what i mean. I love that its a pump bottle too but you can also get a squeezy tube version if you prefer that.

This may be a little too heavy for the summer time but for now its lovely and I'm really enjoying using it. I really recommend this, i will be repurchasing when it runs out :)

What's your favourite moisturiser?


  1. I agree that this is heavy for summer. I have a tub of this and it is amazing for someone who has uber dry skin like me. It's my savior! It eliminates my dry, scaly skin and also relieves itching. It's very effective. It's a bit expensive here but is totally worth it!

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