Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Get To Know Me Tag :)

Hey Lovelies ,

I've been blogging for 6 months now and I've never done a get to know me tag so I thought why not now? I've love to know about you guys too so leave a link in the comments if you have a similar blog post so I can have a little nosey :) 

Do you have a middle name?  Alice :)
How old are you?  22
What colour eyes do you have? Green
How tall are you? 5'3
What is your Favourite subject in school? I loved P.E, Textiles and weirdly - maths! 
Whats your Favourite drink?
Hmm hot drink would be a hot choc and cold would be orange tango!What would you name your kids? I love the name Holly for a girl and Billy for a boy after my dad :)
Do you participate in any sports? I love it but I don't really have the time anymore, I do swimming or spinning in the evening every now and again if that counts ..
Favourite Book? I love the twilight and fifty shade books - cheeky ;) I love a love story!

Favourite Animal? Penguins :) I love how they waddle!
Favourite Perfume? Roberto Cavalli, I got it for Christmas and its fricken amazing gorgeous
Have you graduated high school? Yea I'm a working 9-5 girl now!
How many siblings do you have? 3 - Two sisters and one brother x
What is your favourite store? I loooove Topshop but it is so expensive!

Favourite restaurant? Frankie & Bennys or Nandos #nomnomnom
Do you like school? I actually loved it and I wish I could go back!
Favourite TV show?  There's so many! I love New Girl, Broke Girls, Miranda, Vampire Diaries, and I'm loving the American Office on netflix at the moment too.
PC or Mac? PC :), although I'd love an Ipad!
What kind of phone do you have?
I have the galaxy note and I bloody love it!

Why did you start blogging? It's a hobby to escape the everyday madness really :)
What are you hobbies? Blogging & SHOPPING, I don't really have any hobby hobbies! (when I think of hobbies I think of golf)
Something you would like to change- I would love to stop worrying about everything, I'm literally the biggest worrier ever and it really drives me nuts!
What do you look forward to? This is going to make me sound 52 not 22 but I love getting home from work & getting in my pyjamas and having a cuppa tea and some milky buttons in bed with the boyfriend! The Giant ones are the best :)

Hope you enjoyed this and found out a little bit about me, remember to leave your links below too!


  1. this is such a cute post! lol at the milky bar buttons :) x

  2. I love penguins too!! and I love blogging and shopping too!! <3

    Lovely post as always!! <3
    Lots of love from

    1. haha must be a girl thing :P, thanks hun xx

  3. I love penguins they're soooo cute aww! Love this tag I haven't done it yet think I might soon xx


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