Monday, 16 March 2015

I've never been to lush before!

You can smell a lush shop from a few miles away so I always just assumed that their products would irritate my sensitive skin to death. I was out shopping a few weeks back and just thought I'd have a little butchers for curiosity's sake. The nicest shop assistant wondered over to ask if there was anything in particular that I was looking for.. I told her that I get eczema and that I have crazily sensitive skin and well, cut along story short 5 minutes later I had made a new purchase!

I'll stop blabbering now and get on with the review!

Lush say that Dream Cream is 'A soothing and cooling cream that is designed to go on even the most sensitive and easily upset skins'. Firstly, I totally agree with the statement I've had no bad reactions to this what so ever and it really is so so soothing!

It says that's its a hand and body lotion - I use this every day as a body lotion (well maybe not every day, sometimes I forget!) and literally all day at work on my hands. I chuck this in my bag before I leave in the morning and have it sitting on my desk. It's just brilliant! It cools any irritated burning skin and stops any itchiness. It soothes any dry bits and reduces redness. I have mixed a little with my face moisturiser recently and its worked nicely, I haven't been brave enough to smother my face in it just yet though! 

I'll be honest - I'm not a fan of the smell at all, it's very strong and I think that it's lavender/rose which I really don't like. But .. It does such a great job that I ignore the scent and it wares off pretty quickly to be honest so its not a big deal. 

The cream is quite a thick consistency (not as thick as a body butter but thicker than a regular lotion) it spreads nicely and it isn't sticky at all. It sinks in after a minute or so and doesn't leave you feeling like a big greasy mess afterwards.

I don't mind that its a tub, it makes it nice and quick to get too in the morning rush around! It doesn't look that glam on the dressing table in my opinion but its what inside that counts ;)

I really recommend this product so much, it says that its for any skin type but I cant recommend this enough if you have skin even slightly similar to mine! I will definitely be repurchasing this it really has saved my poor old skin. 

Whats your favourite Lush product? Have you tried this lotion before? 

Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate Serum Review

My New Favourite Product! 

 Whats Clarins say – ‘An ultra-soothing emergency treatment for very sensitive skin. This comforting oil instantly calms extreme irritations and inflammations with the nurturing benefits of 90% pure plant extracts.’ 

 I bought this a good few months ago when my skin was really playing me up eczema wise and it just wasn’t working for me at the time. Since gaining control over my crazy dry skin (blog post here if you’re interested) I rediscovered this product at the bottom of my drawer and since then I haven’t looked back. 

 I like to use this as the first thing after washing my face in the evening. It’s not a greasy oil so it sinks in quite nicely but it does leave a slight residue behind which I don’t personally mind. I then follow up with my everyday moisturiser which is currently the Avene Skin Recovery moisturiser. 

I’m not a huge fan of the scent, it has a very strong lavender-y plant-y smell to it but it doesn’t stick around for too long. My skin isn’t as sensitive as it used to be luckily but this stuff still works a treat. It is absolutely amazing on any blemishes - you know the really sore ones that hurt when your face moves. Yep? Them ones! It really does reduce the buggers over night.

I have only been using this in the evening as it is so expensive but it really calms my skin down and makes it nice and soft in the morning. I can imagine this being fine for any skin type as it use it on my cheeks which are on the dry side as well as my nose which is on the oily side and it doesn’t cause any problems what so ever. I will definately be repurchasing this beaut!

 Have you tried this? What did you think?

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