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Sleek | Brow Kit in 'Extra Dark' Review & Swatches

Hey Lovelies 

Wax on the left & Powder on the right

You may have seen this pop up in my favourite's post last week (here), I’ve been using this for a couple of months so I feel like I can give a nice fair review on this now.

Before I got this I had always used the Rimmel brow pencil in extra dark, My hair is actually not that dark but if I go for a lighter colour it always looks orangey on me and unnatural. Does anyone else find that?

With this kit you get a nice thickish wax to set them naughty eyebrows, which don’t do as they’re told, and also a powder to set the wax.
These swatches are super heavy which is why they look so dark but you can also get a nice natural finish if you use a lighter hand which is what i opt for.

I don’t use the powder all that much, I use the tiniest bit to settle the wax to help it last that little bit longer but i prefer the wax to the powder. So does it last all day? Well honestly - no not really, a good several hours I’d say if you don’t touch or smudge it.

You get two little brushes and the cutest pair of tweezers which aren’t actually that bad. The brushes are ok, they are usable but they are just so tiny it’s hard to get a good grip on them.

This is really good stuff, I use it most days (some days I’m just a lazy bum) and it hasn't made a dent at all yet so I see it lasting for absolutely ages - years? decades? This is so much better than a brow pencil its gives a nice finish whether it's natural or bold.

I haven’t tried the elf brow kit or the benefit browzings but this one is in the middle at £7.99 and I’m happy with it and would repurchase :)

What do you use on you eyebrows?  

Benefit They're Real Mascara - Believe The Hype People! ♥♥

If like me you didn't jump on the bandwagon (at first) then you should! This mascara is amazing, it beats my top two mascaras hands down! I was always a little tempted to buy this mascara due to all the rave reviews but as I'm so fussy about my mascaras I just thought the price was too expensive to risk not liking it.

I was making a few new purchases in boots and noticed this little tester option, being in an 'oh sod it' mood I picked one up and and I'm so pleased i did. I love it!

I don't have the longest eyelashes so I like something that keeps them nice and curled after curling them and this does just that. It doesn't go all clumpy, it dries nice and quickly, lasts all day and doesn't flake off - its just so lovely to use. My boyfriend even commented saying that my eye lashes look more 'spruced' lol.
The brush is a little fiddly as this is only half the size but its not too much of a hassle. The wand is plastic and applys the mascara nicely, the bobble at the end is handy for getting into the corners too - I always assumed this would be a pain in the ass but it's not!

Would I repurchase? YES! It is an expensive mascara compared to drug store brands but this is the best mascara I have tried (and I'm fussy so that's saying something!)

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? 

Estee Lauder Disappear - Smoothing Creme Concealer Review & Swatches

Estee Lauder -Disappear - Smoothing Concealer

I hate my dark under eye circles so when I see a product that promises to get rid of them I just cant help my self - it has to come home with me!

This set me back £22 which I think is the most expensive concealer I have ever purchased. You do get 15ml of product which I think justifys it a little as it will last a long time and its very pigmented.

Did i like it? Well, as I said, I originally bought this for my under eyes but to be honest i'm really not a fan! Its very drying, even more so than the collection lasting perfection concealer, and it doesn't last all that well on me. Its not that it fades, it's more the fact that is dries down so much it ends up highlighting them rather than disguising them. I find however that it doesn't settle into fine lines, so if you have a problem with creasing this could be the one for you!

I then tried to use this to cover blemishes which I found was the best option but again it doesn't last all that long, I'd say a couple of hours before you need to reapply and that's with powder over the top!

Overall, I am disappointed with this product and its not worth the price at all in my opinion. I don't find my self reaching for it on a daily basis and I much prefer my Rimmel Match Perfection concealer for under my eyes and the Collection Lasting concealer for blemishes - they are tonnes better and much cheaper!

What is your favourite concealer?

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