Monday, 17 December 2012

At Home Gel Nails | Sensationail Starter Kit Review & Pictures

Hi Girlies ,
I've got another little review for you today on a recent purchase of mine ..
This little kit is just brilliant!
I had my acrylic nails removed 3 months ago and my nails are still so brittle that I keep getting gel's applied just to stop them splitting. This costs me £30 each time which soon adds up!
So, I paid £60 for this little kit which I know sounds expensive but technically it's the price of getting your nails done twice professionally but this kit contains up to 10 manicures which works out so much cheaper (£6 a time).

The Kit comes with all you need and it's actually so much easier to use than I first thought. I picked mine up in 'raspberry wine'. To be honest I thought the colour would be a little darker than it was but it's still pretty. I'd say it's a dark barbie pink with some shimmers in it.

I'm so pleased with this little kit and the application was pretty easy, I would really recommend this is you're into gel nails. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Payday Haul

Hey Girlies, 

So i popped out with my boyfriend for a little bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday. Oh my god was it busy!! I ended getting a few goodies for myself too - as it was payday!

L-R L'oreal Kids Tangle Tamer - Boots - £2.19
TRES'emme Liquid Gold Argan Oil - £6.99
Tangle Teezer - Boots £10.99
Soap And Glory Glad Hair Day - Boots - £5.50
So, I picked up the Loreal Kids Tangle Tamer which is for kids yes but it still works on adults! And also the Tangle teezer which was on my last wish list, my hair has been getting really tangled recently due to ole windiness outside. I also picked up the Tresemme Liquid Gold hair oil as my last one ran out and I luuuurve this stuff. 

Lastly for my hair I picked up the Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day which is for Full, Frizzy or Fried Hair - sounds like mine! It's meant to detangle, gloss & shine, smooth and strengthen your hair. I used this this morning and it is good! It smells lovely - really fruity and it did do a good job of detangling. This worked really well with my tangle spray and tangle teezer too! No more tangles whoo hoo! (Do i want to say tangled any more??) 
Note: if you have been debating whether to get the tangled tamer - get it!! 
L-R Makeup Bag - Boots £4
Maybelline Fit Me Powder - Boots £5.99
RimmelAcandal Eyes Kohl Eyeliner - Boots £3.99
Maybelline Color Tatoo in 'Permenant taupe' -Boots £4.99
Firstly i picked up this cute little bag to chuck all my everyday makeup into, I also picked up the Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeliner in nude which i have wanted for a while now. It really is a nice soft eyeliner and great for my NC20 skin, it really tones down the redness on my waterline. The Fit me powder caught my eye, I got this in shade 125 which is the second lightest. I'm not blown away by this powder if I'm honest as I love my MAC MSFN but this a quarter of the price so i cant really moan.
I've seen a lot of posts on the colour tatoo eyeshadows recently and I'm really impressed! I picked it up in permanent taupe and its a nice matt light brown, taupe colour. I find that it's actually perfect for filling in my eyebrows and it lasts literally all day! I will be picking these up in a few other colours - fo sho.

 L-R Hair bits - Newlook £1.50 each. Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt - Boots £4.
Revlon Colorstay Nail Varnish in 'Velvet Rope' £7.99

I really love this colour! Revlon say that this is meant to give a gel-like shine, which i agree with and it dries so quickly. I recommend these, they're lovely to use.

I picked this up as it looks quite gentle which i prefer for my sensitive skin, I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to it!
Did you get any goodies at the weekend?


Thursday, 29 November 2012

November Favourites ♥


Hi Girls ,

There's a lot of old favourites back in this months post but a few new additions which I lurrrve too! hope you enjoy ..

YSL Touch Eclat Founadtion - This is the best foundation I have ever used, its quite a light coverage but it's nice and buildable too. It's lovely and hydrating which is prefect for this cold weather and gives a nice dewy finish.
Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara - The best mascara i have EVER used, it lengthens and keeps your lashes in place. Love it!
Manuka Honey - My new all natural cleanser - it's amazing. Read my post on that here.
NYX Cream Blush - This is a new find and it's lovely - such a dewy cream blush. Mini review here if you fancy a read.
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion - This is a blast from the past if you like, I used to use this religiously for a good year and then went off of it for a while. I have rekindled my love for this moisturiser recently. I don't use it all over my face as i find that it can break me out, i just use it on my drier bits.
The Body Shop Aloe Vera Body Butter - This is just amazing for dry & sensitive skin. Full review here.
TRESemme' Liquid Gold Hair Oil - One of the best hair oil's I've tried. I've mentioned this in so many posts! Full review here.
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel - This is a new addition and i fell in love with it from the first time i used it! It's hydrating and gives you such a nice bronzed glow. I will be writing a full review on this soon.
L'occitane Shea Butter - This little pot is great for any dry patches, really love this and use it everyday.
Collection 2000 Concealer - I was never really a fan of this concealer for under my eyes but I've been reaching for it a lot recently! Must be those late nights.

Whats your November favourites, leave me your link to your post so I can have a nosey!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Battle of the Cream Blushers!

Hi Girlies ,
So i posted about the MAC cremeblend blush a while ago here and lets just say i wasnt sold on it. Since then i've been on the hunt for a new dewy, creamy blush for us girls (or boys) with a more drier skin type - which i can say that I have now found. Whoohoo!

Left: Cremeblend in 'Something Special'
Right: Blushcreme in 'Lady Blush'
Left: Cremeblend in 'Something Special'
Right: Blushcreme in 'Lady Blush'
The problem with the MAC cremeblend was it was quite a matt finish and i think more suited for oily/normal skin types as it tended to stick to my dry bits.
The MAC cremeblend was the reformulated version of the origional blushcream which i managed to find on ebay in 'ladyblush' and i absolutely love it! The blushcremes are now discontinued so its very hard to get hold of these but you may get lucky. From these pictures you can probably see how different the cremeblend and blushcreme are, look how dewy the blushcreme is! Just what i was looking for :)
So as this has been discontined you may think it was a bit of a waste of time telling you about it.. Well no, because i found a dupe for it! Yay me -

 Left: Blushcreme in 'Lady Blush'
Right: NYX Cream blush in 'Natural'

Left: Cremeblend in 'Something Special'
Middle: Blushcreme in 'Lady Blush'
Right: NYX Cream blush in 'Natural'

 The Dupe: NYX Rouge Cream Blush £5.99
I really like this NYX blush, it's exactly the same consistency as the MAC blushcreme and the colour isn't that far of - plus its cheaper! 
They are both a little sticky/tacky when applied but i wouldn't say they were hard to work with at all, they both last a good few hours without setting which i think is okay going seeing how dewy they are.
I'd say that these maybe aren't brilliantly suited for oily skins as they have quite an oily feeling to them, but they don't seem to block my pores so it could be fine.
You can get a nice sheen of colour with these or build it up for a heavier coverage but it could get quite shiney if you used too much so i guess it's finding the balance. I apply this over my foundation and it blends in so well, i find using a stipling brush gives a more even finish than using my fingers and leaves a nice glow.
I will definately be purchasing the NYX blush in different colours - really love & recommend them
Do you prefer powder or cream blush? 


Monday, 26 November 2012

Most Amazing Cleanser ..

Hi Lovelies

If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I have very dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin (I know wonderful ay) and I've tried literally soo many cleansers in the past but they all seem to irritate and/or strip my skin completely of the little oil I do have even those that are for dry skin!
So I've been doing some research into natural remedy's and I found so many articles on using Manuka honey as a cleanser! I know! How weird is that? Anywhoo I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to loose and god am I glad I did, it's the most amazing cleanser I have ever used! 

So, here is some reasoning behind it - bare with me!
So Manuka honey has anti-bacterial properties, so slathering this over your face kills any of the nasty lingering bacteria on your skin which will prevent any blemishes. It relives infections which helps with healing and its also antiseptic! Amazing ay.. 
Manuka honey is also known to have Humectant properties which means it binds water to the skin which helps with moisturising. This means that its brilliant for all types of skins as its moisturising and antibacterial at the same time.
I don't wear much makeup most days so I don't bother to remove it before hand I just put the honey straight onto my dry face, if I have worn quite a bit of makeup then I just do a quick swipe with some bioderma and a cotton pad before hand.

Since switching to this I have had no new blemishes pop up and the few I did have have now gone. I find that although this is nowhere near as drying as other cleansers it's not quite moisturising enough for my insanely dry skin at the moment so iIdo finish off with a little moisturiser but those of you with normal skin you probably wouldn't need to.
I know this sounds so weird rubbing honey into your face and its does feel strange and very sticky but I can already see such an improvement in my skin. It's still slightly dry but my red irritated cheeks have faded and my dry patches are much less prominent now.
If you do give this a go it may be helpful to know that there are ratings between 0 and 30 on Manuka honey jars, this is how strong the antibacterial properties are. I don't get many blemishes but I do usually have at least one at a time I guess so I find that 10 is working fine for me. Anything less than this isn't very effecting and anything higher may to be too strong for sensitive skin.

Good luck and let me know if you try this! 


Free Nivea Express Hydration Primer Samples

Hi Lovelies, 

Just a quick one to let you know you can get your free samples here :) 



Friday, 23 November 2012

November Wishlist .. Hello credit card bill

Hi Girlies ,
It's so close to pay day and there are so many things on my wish list already! I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet either - tut tut ..

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
I've heard so many great reviews on this stuff but i love my YSL touch eclat foundation so much and i have lots left so i just cant justify buying this yet. However, i could easily be persuaded so leave your comments below!
Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector
I got matched up to porcelain when shopping a few weeks ago and when i went to buy it they didn't have that colour, bloody typical ay! Next time I'm anywhere close to a department store this baby is mine!
YSL Poudre Compact Radiance Powder
I'm running low on my MAC Mineralise skin finish powder and so I'm on the hunt for a new powder to try. I absolutely love the sound of this but i cannot find any reviews on it anywhere! Bad sign?
Macadamia Deep Repair Mask
I have the macadamia hair oil and i absolutely love it, this is such an expensive conditioner but i can imagine its just as amazing as the hair oil.
Muji Stoage
I think everyone is jumping on the Muji bandwagon but i just think it looks so tidy, neat & pretty.
Roberto Cavalli
This is number one on my Christmas list, it is the most loveliest smell i have ever smelt. It's just gorgeous.
Tangle Teezer
I need this in my life! My hair has been unbelievably tangled recently and i have to rake through it with my hairbrush - not good!
Please let me know your advice if you have any!?

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Body Shop | Aloe Vera Body Butter Review

 Hey Girlies,
So i've got another review for you today, hope you like it! x
What The Body Shop Say:
This gentle Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera and is fragrance-free.

 OMG i love this stuff! This is honestly the most amazing body product I have ever used on my sensitive dry skin. The fact that it's fragrance free is a positive for me as it's one less thing to aggravate my skin. It has a faint smell to it but it doesn't bother me and its not enough at all to put me off using it. If your skin isn't as sensitive as mine I'm sure the other fragranced ones would be amazing too but if it is then i highly recommend trying this.
 I haven't really tried body shop products until recently but i don't know why! I really wish i had tried this sooner. I've tried so many different body creams,lotions & butters and this is by far the best - i don't think i will try another again this winter. I haven't used this in the hotter months as it's a recent purchase so maybe it could be a little heavy but i have no idea yet as its bloody freezing at the moment and i cant even remember what summer is like!
I'm pretty sure most of you would have tried a body butter from the body shop before (unless you're like me) but if not they are so creamy and buttery and they melt right into your skin. They don't feel sticky or greasy at all but they leave a slight moistness to your skin after which i like and is just perfect if you want your dry skin to feel comfortable.
I apply this straight after the bath/shower to lock in the moisture and i have really seen a big improvement in the condition of my skin. My skin isn't dry or flakey at all at the moment and its all thanks to this!
I will definitely be repurchasing this, there's no doubt about it (HG,HG,HG). I am nearly out of mine so will need to stock up shortly!
Whats your favourite body product?


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Revlon | Lip Butters Review & Swatches ' Lollipop' & 'Strawberry Shortcake'

 Hi Girls
I've got another review for you today .. I really love these!

These baby's are so soft and moisturising and they are just so easy to apply, they are so smooth they just glide on with no tugging. They are not quite a lipstick I'd say but they are thicker than a balm. Sort of like a butter i guess ;)
I think the packaging is really cute, it's not too bulky to carry around with you which i like although i do sometimes catch the lip butter when replacing the lid! also, as the shape is a bit different you can feel around in your bag to find them.
You can either get a nice sheer wash of colour or build it up for a nice pop, i love the 'lollipop' colour on the weekend as it just so bright and gorgeous. They do have quite a shine to them so if you was after a matte look i don't think these are really for you.
These actually last quite a while seeming how soft & buttery they are, I'd say a good couple of hours before you have to reapply. I find that the brighter it is the longer it lasts.
I'd say these were a little sticky in my opinion, not that i mind as it's so moisturising but it's not as sticky as a gloss would be. As these are so soft they do go down quite quickly so at £7.99 they are quite expensive but if you pick one up with a 3 for 2 it works out so much cheaper!
I really love these and i really recommend, i will definitely be purchasing a few more colours :)
Have you tried these? Whats your favourite?


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Amazing Hair Mask | Wella Power Mask Review

 Hi Girls ,
If you have read any of my hair post's before you will know i love a hair product, this is a new one i picked up a few weeks back and had to write a review on it.
I have thick, coarse , heat damaged hair & this hair mask is just gorgeous. It leaves my hair so soft and manageable and hides them naughty split ends nicely. It doesnt take longer to dry my hair after either like it does with some conditioners i've tried.

It has a very wierd texture to it, it's not sticky but sort of marshmellow-y - it's really hard to explain! I'm hopeing the photo above shows what i mean. It spreads nice and easily and a little goes a long way (although i do smother my ends in this like its going out of date!)
I usually do this on the weekend when i have more time - I slap it on and wrap my head in a bag/clingfilm (not over my face obviously lol) and then wrap a towell around it to keep the heat in. I leave this on for around half hour if i have the time and the results are honestly amazing, this is definately my new favourite hair mask.
It is quite expensive but i found this in TK Maxx for £7 which isn't too bad really if you use it as a weekly treat, you can also get it on ebay sometimes so keep your eyes peeled.
I really really recommend this, it has done wonders for my hair and i will be most definately repurchasing when it runs out -it really makes such a difference to my barnet!

What's your favourite hair mask?


Monday, 12 November 2012

The Body Shop | Hemp Face Protector & Aloe Soothing Night Cream Review & Pictures

Hi Girls ,

Long essay post alert!

I finished work early last week so i went for a little window shop and popped into my local body shop, I've never really got into products from the body shop in the past but I'm not really sure why. I was in there for absolutely ages having a butchers at everything. I think the shop assistant thought i was a bit dodgy and up to something i was in there so long, lingering around like a bad smell!
So anyway there were a few things that caught my eye, but even after trying all the testers a few times i didn't actually buy them, i just couldn't decide. I've got so many face creams i thought I'd better control myself for once and not buy anymore but then a few days later my skin suddenly got so sore and sensitive i logged onto the body shop website and brought the 2 face creams I'd been eyeing up. 

I got the Aloe soothing Night cream (£11 for 50ml) and the Hemp face protector (£8 for 50ml) I'd seen a few reviews on the hemp face cream from people with eczema and sensitive skin so i thought this would be the better of the two. 

 I actually found that the Hemp face cream stung my face even though its for very dry skins, it was so bad on my dry cheeks that i don't use on my face at the moment. I've been using this as a hand/arm cream and its fine and not stingy at all so at least i can use it and it wasn't a waste. Maybe it will be better when my skin has calmed down a bit and isn't so sensitive and sore. It does contain fragrance so maybe this is the problem? it does smell quite nice though, sort of florally & fresh.
So onto the Aloe Soothing Night cream. This has been amazing for me recently, when my skin gets sore it gets really sore and this has really saved & soothed it. I slather it over my dry cheeks and it worked wonders, it sinks right in and isn't greasy in the slightest. It doesn't have perfume either which is a massive bonus for me. It's not the best moisturiser in the world but it helped my skin get back to normal without breaking me out.
Both creams are really thick, if you shake the pot around the creams stay put and don't budge. The Hemp Cream is a little thicker I'd say and takes a little longer to rub it but it isn't greasy in the slightest. The hemp cream makes my hands feel really soft so if your skin isn't as reactive and sensitive as mine then this would probably be quite nice for you.
I have repurchased another aloe night cream along with the Calming facial cleanser, day cream and luxury face flannel. I was going to buy all of these anyway but then i came across the gift set below which is amazing value @ £14 - it would be £28 if purchased separately.

I have now purchased the Aloe body Butter, lip treatment & restoring Mask, i will write a long old review on it all once I've gave it a thorough testing
Which products do you love from the body shop?

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MAC | Cremeblend Blush in 'Something Special' Review & Swatch

Hi Lovelies
So i wanted a colour similar to my Clinique blush in innocent peach as that's my all time favourite so i picked this shade and it really is pretty similar just a little brighter! I have really dry skin so i thought it may be nice to go for a cream blush rather than a powder to help hydrate my skin a little.
First off i really love the colour, it comes out a nice light peachy coral colour on your cheeks and you can make this as natural or as bold as you like. It's nicely pigmented and it lasts a good amount time without being set with a powder which is a bonus.
I was expecting this to be a little bit more creamy and dewy than it actually is. It's not sticky or greasy in the slightest and it dries quite matte which is actually the opposite to what i was expecting. The texture actually reminds me of the Clarins Instant smooth Perfecting Touch if that helps?
I apply this after my moisturiser and foundation and blend it in with a fine stippling brush quickly before it dries. I find this the easiest as it can be quite tricky to work with otherwise. I do find that it sticks to my dry patches a little but it's not too terrible and it doesn't stop me using it as i love the colour, i just have to use it on the days where my skin is behaving itself!

Mac Cremeblend on the Top/Left & Clinique Blush on Bottom/Right

I don't think that i would repurchase this when it runs out as i was after something with a bit more of a dewy finish and i do prefer my clinique blusher at the moment as its easier to work with. I don't have anything against the product i just don't think it works brilliantly with my dry skin unfortunately.
What type of blusher do you wear?


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