About Me

Hi Lovelies, 

About Me
As you may have guessed from the web address I'm Ellie. I'm 22 and I'm from Essex, London (it's not all fake tan and eyelashes here!) I work full time as an Accounts Assistant, I know I know- how boring ay. 
The reason I started this blog was the simple fact that I love beauty & makeup products and I have such dry sensitive crazy skin that I'm always searching for that new product to try. I thought I may as well write about them on the way through & hopefully help some of you out with the should I shouldn't I decisions! 

Skin Type
As mentioned above I have very dry sensitive skin which is prone to eczema so I do have to be a bit careful what I pile on my face but I often find that anything the doctor prescribes is absolute rubbish so I just sort of hunt for my own thing that I think may work wonders. 

Hair Type
I have long hair which is wavy and thick but also a  bit dry at the ends, I did dye it a while back but it's back to my original colour now which is a dark auburny brown, I'd love to get the ombre' look but I don't know if my ends could hack it!

Thank you so much for looking at my little web space & I really appreciate all your kind comments :)


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