Monday, 24 September 2012

Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara Review

I really wanted to love this mascara, I had been eyeing it up for absolutely ages.

Firsty, i do love the brush - the small tip of the brush makes it nice and easy to get the little lashes in the corners and the bigger end makes it easy to wiggle up your lashes.


I wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive eyes like me. I had a really bad reaction to this - my eyelids went red and swollen. The thing i noticed with this mascara is it smells like perfume. I wouldn't of thought you would put fragrance in a mascara??

Unfortunately i wont be using this again let alone buying it again :(

Did anyone else have this problem?


  1. How disappointing! I've also been eyeing it up for a while, I agree that it is weird to put a fragrance in it! Very helpful review! x

  2. For me this mascara is so perfect! I just love it ad I hadn't get any "side effects" :O I thought I have sensitive eyes but apparently I don't have^^'''
    Hopefully you will found perfect mascara for your eyes!!

    1. Ahh thats great! I really love the clinique curling mascara thats brilliant :)!! xx

  3. I use Hypnose Star and love it to death. But I've never tried this kind. That's strange that they would scent a mascara so heavily!


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