Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bloody Eye Bags & Concealers

I've tried so many concealers to try and hide my dark circles so I thought id give a little run down of the goodies and the not so goods. I've marked each one out of six hearts JUST for under the eyes. As i try news ones i will expand this list.

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer 

This is very thick and creamy and if i want extra coverage i put this under my foundation so its not so thick and cakey. It does settle in the lines a little but its not so bad. I do prefer this one on blemishes to be honest as it covers perfectly. (Review here)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer 

I find this rubbish under my eyes, it has no staying power and it quite tough to pat on and you end up pulling your eye around. Its quite drying too so its a no no for me. Its ok-ish on blemishes but it doesn't last that long so i usually forget about this concealer and leave it at the bottom of my makeup bag.
MAC Moisture Cover 

This is probably my favourite mac concealer for under the eye area, I do find it is very moisturising - true to its name. It blends in nicely and you don't have to tug your eye to blend it (review here)

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer 

I only got this very recently but it is growing on me. The first time i used it i though 'oh no, i don't like it!' but i carried on using it and its getting a but more creamier now! I found it really hard to blend in under my eye but it must be getting softer as its easier now. I usually put this on last once I've put all my other make up on and set it with a little bit of powder and it seems to do a good job.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer 

This isn't a bad concealer but i just don't seam to reach for it when i do my make up. I find that this and the moisture cover are too runny for covering blemishes and i prefer the others for under my eyes. I find that this sticks to my dry patches after awhile but its not a bad concealer overall.
YSL Touch Eclat 

I love this, I don't think that it covers brilliantly but i like the brightening effect it gives and i usually put this on after my moisture cover for extra brightening. It is a highlighter and not a concealer after all.
Benefit Erase Paste 

This has grown on me too, I wasn't keen at first but I find if I put this on first and then another one over the top then it works well. Its also great for right in the the corner of your eye, I use it here every day without fail. (review here)

Top 3
1- Mac Moisture Cover
2- Bobbi Brown creamy concealer  
3- Benefit erase paste

I hope this helps?
Any Eye Bag Suggestions?

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