Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tigi S Factor Smoothing Conditioner Review

I got this conditioner along with the smoothing shampoo and lusteriser (haul here) as part of a set. These were the first Tigi products that I had ever tried and it was also the most expensive hair products I had ever tried!
FYI - I have quite long thick hair which can get dry at the ends, I always blow dry my hair and use straighteners - naughty I know but my hair is too crazy and wild if I dont (lion king style).
'Smoothing Conditioner not only silkifies, shines and softens it strengthens your hair too, as has a scientific blend of ingredients including pro Vitamin B5, JoJoBa and Avocado Oil'
So this conditioner is now an official empty. I usually smother my hair in conditoner when I wash it and this has lasted really well considering that (a good 3 months). I use quite a big blob of this and it spreads nice and easily over my barnet and detangles on the way which is a bonus (I find that a lot of cheaper conditoners dont do this for me). 
It really does make your hair so so shiney and soft and is definitely one of my favourite conditioners (along with my wella power hair mask and soap and glory glad hair day). I use this on my roots too but i do have thick hair, I'd say if you have very fine hair that it may be a little heavy but if you give it a good rinse then it should be fine.
 I recommend this and i will be repurchasing this when payday finally rolls around! Although I am tempted by the Macadamia hair mask or the S Factor serious condition - any advice? 
Whats your favourite conditioner?



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  2. Isn't it awesome when you find a product you love and want to repurchase? My favourite shampoo/conditioner sets are by Biolage... they smell so good!

    xo, alison*elle

    1. ool ive never heard of that will have to check it out!! xx


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