Sunday, 7 April 2013

March Favies ♥ - Only a week behind, not bad!

Hey my lovelys!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far, how nice is it to finally have a little bit of sunshine out and about?!  I popped to halfords earlier to treat my little car to a spring clean and new air freshener (how sad i know!) everything just seems so much better when its sunny! Enough of the pointless ramblings, I'll get on with the post!

Lush's dream cream for hand and body is my newest find and its bloody lovely, it does what it says on the tin tub and more! I've got a full review here if you fancy it but if not all I have to say is - you need to pick one of these up! Its says its for any skin type but its amazing for my dry & sensitive skin. It's the best lotion I have ever used and its not to thick or sticky for the current weather. Defo on my repurchase list!

The boots cucumber eye gel is such a baragin buy, I use this as an eyebrow gel and a sort of primer befor my mascara. It really helps to prepare your lashes and the differnce when using this amazing. If you have a spare £1 in Boots buy this and apply before your mascara - your'll love it!

Avene Tolerance Extreme cream - this is my fifth tube of this bad boy! Again, its just perfect for irritated skin. Its so hydrating and is a perfect base for makeup as it has a sort of dewy soft finish. Its non comedigenic but I wouldn't recommend this for oily skin as it is quite thick (not as thick as the avene compensating cream).

I got the Body Shop Wise Woman Eye cream on a bit of a whim, its was £22 down to £6 so I couldn't resist. I have been using this religiously every morning and I really do love it. I'm not sure if it has reduced my under eye shadows but it definitely is nice and nourishing. I definitely notice a positive difference when using this before applying my makeup.

Now that the sun has made an appearence so have my red nails! Red nail varnish is my absolute favourite to wear and this is my most favourite red ever. 'Color so hot is berns' is such a gorgeous red, its more pink toned than orange toned and ah its just perfect!!

I have tried so many concealers in the past and these are my favourite to use at the moment. I've always resisted buying the Garnier under eye roll on but finally caved in when I saw it for only a fiver! I got this in the lightest shade which is a tad too light for me but I apply it after my eye cream but before my concealer and it works really well. Its not the best coverage but its nice and cooling & the metal ball applicator is lovely on those early mornings too!

Everyone raves about the collection lasting perfection concealer but I actually prefer this one! I use this to cover my undereye circles and its brilliant. I'd say the coverage is pretty much full but a little drying (less so than the lasting perfection concealer) so I mix it with the Rimmel wake me up concealer as that is lovely and dewy. Perfect combo!

I love the Kabuki brush for setting any concealer i have applied with powder (not so much under the eyes but on any blemishes) I try not to powder my face too much most days as it does dry out my skin easily and I do like a nice glow if I can get one! I use the setting brush for everything I apply under my eyes, it's just the perfect shape and size!

Whats been your favourite product this month?


  1. I'm really tempted to get the garnier under eye roll on now, I'm the same I tried out the lasting perfection concealer and wasn't that impressed maybe my expectations were too high!xx

    1. I dont know why i didnt try it sooner its lovely! Treat yourself ;) xx

  2. ahhh I love Dream Cream too for my eczema!! it's amazing!! :) but I hate the smell too :(( and i really need to try that avene cream!!xxx

    1. I wished id found the dream cream sooner! xx


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