Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MAC | Cremeblend Blush in 'Something Special' Review & Swatch

Hi Lovelies
So i wanted a colour similar to my Clinique blush in innocent peach as that's my all time favourite so i picked this shade and it really is pretty similar just a little brighter! I have really dry skin so i thought it may be nice to go for a cream blush rather than a powder to help hydrate my skin a little.
First off i really love the colour, it comes out a nice light peachy coral colour on your cheeks and you can make this as natural or as bold as you like. It's nicely pigmented and it lasts a good amount time without being set with a powder which is a bonus.
I was expecting this to be a little bit more creamy and dewy than it actually is. It's not sticky or greasy in the slightest and it dries quite matte which is actually the opposite to what i was expecting. The texture actually reminds me of the Clarins Instant smooth Perfecting Touch if that helps?
I apply this after my moisturiser and foundation and blend it in with a fine stippling brush quickly before it dries. I find this the easiest as it can be quite tricky to work with otherwise. I do find that it sticks to my dry patches a little but it's not too terrible and it doesn't stop me using it as i love the colour, i just have to use it on the days where my skin is behaving itself!

Mac Cremeblend on the Top/Left & Clinique Blush on Bottom/Right

I don't think that i would repurchase this when it runs out as i was after something with a bit more of a dewy finish and i do prefer my clinique blusher at the moment as its easier to work with. I don't have anything against the product i just don't think it works brilliantly with my dry skin unfortunately.
What type of blusher do you wear?



  1. Oh that's a bummer that it doesn't work with your skin, I do find the shade extremely pretty itself!:)

  2. Oh, interesting! I only use powder blush only but I want to try something more "creamy" ;) Channel ones are really good by the way!


  3. It doesn't work on me either, even when I worked for MAC it was my "big NO- product", I used to apply it other people and it looked fantastic, but unfortunately not on me*(

    1. Glad it's not just me! really wanted to love it xx

  4. Ooh this is so pretty! It's a shame it doesn't work with your skin type :(

  5. I really love this colour, I love the fact that it's a cream blush, it's a shame it didn't work for you though x

    1. it is :( I've ordered a new one though so whoohoo :) xx

  6. the color is very pretty! and the name is cute too

  7. love MAC products:)
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    check my blog if you want and maybe follow if you like it!


  8. This is a really pretty shade, it just sucks to hear that it didn't work for you :(


  9. I'm a big fan of Mac's products !!! And this shade is beautiful !!! :)
    Lot of kisses !


  10. Try the MUA blush in dolly. Its a coral colour that gives a dewy finish and its only £2. I was going to try a MAC cream blush but I'll steer clear now. Thanks! x

  11. Im loving coral colours at the moment and this one looks lovely :)
    x Love M


  12. How annoying it's not as hydrating as you'd hoped. I'm suffering with dry skin at the moment and always thought creme blushers would help with that. The colour looks lovely though! Followe you. xx


  13. the colour of this is beautiful! sounds like a nice finish too :) x

    I nominated you for the Liebster and Versatile Blogger Award on my blog so check it out for details :)


  14. Such a pretty ! looks a lot like Peaches by MAC

    xx Liyana

    PS : I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a MAC lipstick giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first month of blogging

  15. This looks gorgeous! I love your blog :) found it from your comment on my Dr Jart+ review! Following :) xx

  16. that looks like a really nice colour, perfect for spring;)x



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