Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dream LUMI touch Highlighting Concealer Review & Swatches

In 'Ivory'

Hi again Lovelies 

So I've got another review on a product i love today, this is one of my go to products in  times of dispare! (drama queen)


This is a gel based concealer that is said to diffuse light making your skin look awake and brighter.
I originally brought this for my under eye circles as i really like the YSL touche eclat and i thought this may be a cheaper alternative for it. 
Well to the point - it's not really similar at all. They describe this as highlighting and light diffusing but i really don't feel like it is. It's thick, it dries matte and has such a high coverage. I'd say it's along the lines of the collection 2000 concealer but in my opinion a little better (Yes i said it, its better!) I find this is so amazing for covering any blemishes, i usually say how much i love the MAC Studio sculpt concealer (review here) but that's a little more dewy and requires a bit of powder over the top for setting so if I have any really mahoosive spots pop up (tmi?) then i use this as it conceals so well and so easily -what spot?

Lumi Touch V's Collection 2000 Swatches

The Lumi touch is on the left of these pictures & the collection 2000 is on the right which is in shade 2.  This is the lightest shade you can get in this concealer which as you can see is slightly lighter than the collection 2000 concealer in shade 2 once dry. You can see they both dry matte and don't really highlight at all (unless I'm loosing the plot big time?).  If you like the collection 2000 concealer for under the eyes then i think you would love the Lumi Touch concealer but if not it is absolutely amazing for covering blemishes which is what i use it for.

What's your favourite concealer?  



  1. This doesn't look very highlighting at all! I love the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, it's really great!

  2. Better then Collection 2000?! Must be worth a try then! xx


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