Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Green People: Neutral Scent Free Cleanser & Anti-Aging 24-hour Cream Reviews

Green People: Neutral Scent Free Cleanser & Anti-Aging 24-hour Cream Reviews

The lovely Amy at Green People sent me over a few products to try from their scent free range for their sensitive skin week and I am so pleased she did as I am completely converted already!

I don't like to use anything harsh on my skin as its so temperamental so these products sounded absolutely perfect. They are free from essential oils, alcohol, parabens, lanolin and lots of other nasties which can cause reactions. They don't test on animals either which is another thing that I love about them!

Neutral Scent Free Cleanser £18.95*
This cleanser is a make-up remover as well as a cleanser so I have been using this to double cleanse my face. The consistency reminds me of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, its almost like a thick cream/balm which feels nice and luxurious when you apply it. I don't wear much make but this cleanser removes what I do wear easily, it gets rid of my mascara without making my eyes sore too which is rare for me! I had a few break outs before using this which I think was down to going back on the pill and this has really helped to calm the redness and I haven't had any new breakouts since using this cleanser day and night. I find that my skin doesn't get feel really dry after cleansing with this, it feels very soft and balanced. It really is an amazing cleanser and I totally converted, its quickly become my favourite cleanser to use.

Anti-Aging 24-Hour Cream £15.95*
I am used to smothering my skin in thick rich greasy creams to try and nourish my dry skin so this cream was a bit different to what I was used to. 
This cream is a day & a night cream which is free from all the nasties mentioned above but it does contains Organic Evening Primrose, Avocado, Squalane from Olive, Green Tea, Baicalin & Seaweed which are all amazing for sensitive skin.
This moisturiser has a very similar texture to the cleanser, it goes on a like a balm and doesn't feel greasy in the slightest, it has a sort of matte feel to it. It makes my skin feel so smooth by the morning without that shiny greasy suffocating your skin feeling. I am really picky about my moisturisers but I love this!

I am so so impressed by this brand and I'm so pleased I've been introduced to them as their products work so well with my sensitive skin. I cant wait to try more of their products & I'm eyeing up their make up and anti-aging face oil next!

You can get 10% off of their scent free range all through April and they even do little miniatures to try. I've added a link here to their scent free skin care range if you fancy a browse.

Have you tried any products from Green People? What did you think?

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